NASA School Tour


NASA tour to United States of America (USA) became the most popular and edutainment international tour, not only for Indian school students but Canada and America’s various schools also keep visiting nearest NASA and space shuttle center one of the 14 locations throughout the USA. Washington DC based NASA tour is the most beneficial as it's in the heart of the Washington DC downtown where Capital Building, White House and other world class museums can be visited during the same trip. So this tour is very important for the students not just gaining science and technological information but it is great exposure for them to see and experience American life.


Our team members have been living since 14 years in the Capital city Washington DC,United States of America who are quite familiar with America life, rules and regulations which is the biggest plus for all our visitors as they personally entertain our students’ tour, arrange all their accommodation, transportation, food, various places to visits and safety.
Our company hold over $1 Million (10,00000 USD) dollars US based insurance for the tour coverage. All our transport vehicles are also having additional $1 Million dollars accident insurance.


Since its inception NASA holds a captivating spirit, as it offers its visitors unmatched experiences, a gateway to knowledge and window to peep into the future. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is the U.S. government agency responsible for civilian space program and aeronautics and aerospace research as well. Events and exhibitions hosted and carried out at NASA centers, offer educational and inspirational experience for all ages

With Express Immigration Services, explore NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida with a private NASA coach. Here, you can relive the launch of Apollo 8 on a simulator and enjoy your lunch with a veteran NASA astronaut.

Express Immigration Services embarks you on a mission of space travels and universal mysteries. Vacation and space lovers should not miss the enticing and inspiring tour to America’s most reputable space hub. We provide a whole adventure for Florida space center. Express Immigration Services provides you the golden opportunity to visit NASA Space Center up close & personal. And do not forget to watch one of the America’s historical treasures at Kennedy Space Center Visitors’ Complex; The Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit. Not only this; at Cape Canaveral, only 45 minutes away from Orlando, you can experience and watch a rocket launch while sitting in a rocket garden.

1. Goddard Visitor Center - Greenbelt, MD
2. Virginia Air & Space Center - Hampton, VA
3. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center / Space Shuttle Discovery - Chantilly, VA
4. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC

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